Hi, I am Parvathi and I am glad that you decided to find out a little more about me and about my English<>Hindi<>Telugu translation services.

And you should.

After all,

  • You need to be sure and be assured that you are handing over your translation project to an  efficient and competent Hindi Telugu professional translator
  • You need to make sure that your project is in safe hands,
  • You need someone who makes the effort to know about you,
  • You need someone who hears you out and talks to you in detail
  • You need someone who understands your English<>Hindi<>Telugu translation requirement, and why you need it.

And That’s Who I Am

Always Striving For Excellence

I am a full-time freelance Hindi and Telugu translator. I help companies, businesses introduce, launch and sell their products and services to the pan-Indian consumers and build business relations and rapport with their clients and employees as well as help individuals from all walks of lives to simplify their translation concerns.

  • I will be in direct correspondence with you 24×7 until your project is completed. No PMs. No Third party. No outsourcing.
  • I am quick to respond.
  • My rates are transparent. No hidden fees. No project management fees.
  • I give importance to Ethics and Integrity.
  • I run my translation business with Honesty and Transparency.
  • Utmost respect for confidentiality.
  • Bond of trust and honesty for years to come.
  • I refuse to translate:
    • Content that are obscene in nature
    • Content that promote or encourage racial discrimination
    • Content that promote or encourage religious intolerance
    • Content that disrespect other religions or ethnicity
    • Content that promote or encourage cruelty towards or harm animals
    • Content that are abusive or scammy in nature
    • Content that promote or encourage politics

India is culturally sensitive country; a country with different but rich cultures. That’s a given.

And as an English<>Hindi<>Telugu translator who has been exposed to these cultures early on, I have the qualifications, expertise and the experience to translate your texts, files and documents that are linguistically and culturally approved.

Your texts, files and documents will be translated in an accountable, responsible and effective way while making sure that it is in the best interests of you and your target audience.

When you hire me, you will appear professional and humane to your target audience. Your target audience will appreciate that you took the efforts, the time out to understand their language and culture and appreciate that you are delivering products and providing services in their native language.

  • If you run a small business or large company and are really and seriously looking to get your documents and marketing texts translated into English<>Hindi<>Telugu,
  • If you are an author or a publisher who needs stylistic and flawless literary translations,
  • If you need accurate translations for your legal texts or certificates,
  • Or if you need translations of machinery manuals etc.

My English<>Hindi<>Telugu translations will benefit both; you and your target audience. You have the potential to change lives. Make it happen. Now.

Because of My Apt & Meaningful Translations

  • Companies and websites are now doing better business; way better than before. Their products and services are finally getting noticed and being purchased.
  • Individuals are now living a stress free and happy life without any legal hassles.
  • NGOs and NPOs are getting better recognition and are now creating better social awareness.
  • Movies and short films are being viewed without any language constraints.
  • For clients who are from other countries and do not understand and speak Hindi and Telugu, I help them overcome the language problem and cross-cultural issues that affects the performance of their business.

Convinced? Good! Go over to my Contact Me page and fill up the necessary details and attach your file as well.

Not convinced yet? I am so sorry to hear that. Pick up your phone. I am just a call /email away.