Patent Translation

As an English<>Hindi<>Telugu translator, I understand and know the importance of patents and the need for high quality patent translations.

And through my online translation business HindiTeluguTranslations, I ensure that I meet the strict guidelines of national and international patent-filing process. HindiTeluguTranslations has partnered with many IP firms around the globe to prepare high-quality Hindi Telugu patent translations.

My clients rely on HindiTeluguTranslations’s accuracy of terminology and content, spelling and grammar, adaptability of linguistic expression and compliance with national and international filing requirements and in-depth knowledge of the specific industry.

HindiTeluguTranslations offers a full range of patent translation services for industries like :-

  • Biotech
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Aerospace
  • Electrical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Telecommunications
  • Chemical science
  • Environmental science
  • Mechanical science
  • Material science

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