4 Ways Clients Can Benefit From Professional Translators

Choosing the right Hindi translator or Telugu translator for your business is a tough job, no doubt about that; what with the internet showing thousands of results. Most of my clients acknowledge that I will go the extra mile to provide them the best of Hindi and Telugu translation services. There however have been instances when I’ve had difficult clients. There were moments where I failed to understand who my clients were, what Hindi and/or Telugu translation services they wanted and why they could benefit from a professional translator. But you, as a client, can make my job easy. How? By making sure that you follow the below 4 points:


I am sure when you looked for a Hindi Telugu translator on Google; you must have come across my website HindiTeluguTranslations, you got to know me through my profile, my Hindi Telugu translation services etc. I expect the same from my clients. Please introduce yourself. When you send me an email and introduce yourself, your business, your translation requirements and your purpose for getting your files translated, you create a rapport and a bond with me and entrust your translation project to me.

What’s Your Rate?

There are days when I receive direct queries (without any other details) about my translation services rates,

I have a Telugu translation project for you. What is your per word rate?”


You are a Hindi translator. Right? What is your rate?”

How can you expect us to help without any details!

You have to know that each subject/field has its own technicalities, each services has its own approaches. When you share information about the documents or files, the word count, the format of the document, the time frame, your industry, your target audience etc. you help me understand your translation project better, your translation requirement clearly. And that helps me in delivering your files at the right time and in the right way.

I do not need a perfect translation

And then there were sub clients who said, “I do not need a perfect translation. Just Google Translate it. My client will never know.”

I am a professional, responsible Hindi Telugu translator with a conscience and ethics. I give my 100% to make the translations comprehensible, meaningful, faithful and marketable. Not only that. Your business is also important to me and I want you succeed in your business. And I just can’t knowingly ruin or destroy your business.

Yes, I completely agree that the “new improved” Google Translate is available and free and they do SOMETIMES give you a comprehensible translation.  But it can NEVER substitute emotions, phrases, proverbs, sayings etc. to me translation is about you connecting with your target audience, understanding their emotions and their needs and delivering your services with ease.

A discount? A Low Rate?

Some clients search Google and ask around for the best price before hiring a translator.  That is fine. Some clients ask or expect a discount for Hindi translation services or low quote Telugu translation services out of habit. It’s human nature.

But you need to understand that translation is a serious business. It is a professional service that requires knowledge, precision, expertise and experience. Translators study for many years to obtain their translation studies certificates and specialize in your niche to perfect their skills and expertise in order to deliver you the meaningful and faithful translations for your business.

When you have studied your market, your competition and invested so much into your business, you wouldn’t want to destroy your reputation, your risk of losing your business and customers by asking for discounts and low rates. They mean only one thing and that is you don’t respect your business enough and that you are ok with poor quality translations. Would you do that to your business? Would you? No, I don’t think so. Be smart, be sensible. Invest in the right translation services. Hire the right and professional Hindi Telugu translators. They can take you and your business to a new high.