Improve Your Business by Hiring Professional Translators

Companies from different corners of the world are now able to break the language barriers, communicate and reach out to their target audience who reside in different countries.

All thanks to technology, business relations between countries, internet and translation services.

But at what cost?

How can companies know for sure that the translation services they have on their websites are correct?

How can companies know for sure that the translations on their business documents are correct?

How can they know for sure that the translations match their values, their mission and vision?

For all we know, it could be a case of the notorious and cringe worthy Google Translate.

Now, it is understandable if the clients are from other countries that have zero knowledge about the target language. It is understandable if they think that Google Translate is the best way to translate their documents and websites and are under the impression that Google Translate is a trustworthy translation tool; it just cannot go wrong and is very much reliable.

And, there are clients who are from the same country like their target audience and who instead of hiring professional Hindi and Telugu translators to translate their texts, documents, websites, use Google Translate in order to save expenses.

Below is the perfect example:

The popular Indian ecommerce site “Snapdeal”. In order to save costs, they chose Google Translate over professional translation services to localize their products into multiple Indian languages.

The result? An ecommerce site full of hilariously mistranslated products.

Needless to say, they were mercilessly trolled on social media.

Tweets on Twitter went viral with people sharing images of over hundreds of hilariously translated products.

And there is the case of Indian translation agencies and so called translators who have used Google Translate and claim it as done professionally.

Though Google Translate constantly improves itself and can come handy, i.e., translating a couple of words, but when it comes to actually translating texts, documents and websites, it fails miserably as it cannot understand informal speech, syntax, context, and/or slang and even worse, doesn’t understand or comprehend the sensitive cultural issues of the target market.

It just cannot compete with real translators. It simply does not produce the best translations when it comes to conveying meaning of the text accurately and naturally.

And the irony here is, that though Google Translate encourages you to use it, it also penalizes businesses who use Google Translate on the grounds of improper and misleading information (Yep! That’s right!).

It would be unwise if companies become penny-wise and pound-foolish and risk their reputation and their business by relying solely on this tool to translate their websites and their business documents.

Here is what one CAN do to improve their business.

Seek out real translators to translate your documents or to localize your website and keep your company out of legal hassles.

Do a Google search by typing keywords like Hindi translator or Telugu translator or professional freelance Hindi Telugu translator etc.

Do a thorough research on these translators and choose the one that matches with your business objectives.

Want to launch and expand your services in the Indian market? Do you need a Hindi or Telugu translator to translate your documents or localize your website or products?

Contact me.