Press Kit Translation-Why It Is Essential


Ever wonder how brands like Nike or Tommy Hilfiger or Toyota manage to catch the attention of their Indian market? Wondering how to create the same buzz as them? Wondering how to introduce your products and services to the Indian market?

Maybe you have an inkling or may be not but often international brands and multinational companies hire Indian translators to translate their press kit in different Indian languages like Hindi or Telugu for their Indian market.

Sometimes known as a media kit, a press kit is a PR and media communications strategy and one of the important elements of marketing materials and the translation of a press kit in Hindi or Telugu helps in a wider and better media outreach.

If you have a company and you want to global, launch and promote your products and services in India and Pan India as well, you need to assemble the required materials and create a press kit and then go for the translation of your press kit. But first, let’s understand what is a press kit.

What is a press kit?

A press kit is a collection or a set of documents and materials that are creatively written and designed that provide information about a company which is distributed to members of the digital media for promotional purposes. having briefly explained what is a press kit, let’s know why do you need a press kit and why do you need to have a press kit translation.

Why a press kit translation?

With international trade between India and other countries constantly increasing, organizations and companies who want to launch their business, their products and services and get more sales and want to stay in the race and boost their business as well, need to act now because going global will offer them more valuable opportunities for their business. But for this to happen, these companies must make sure that their advertising, communication and marketing documents like press kit are translated.

But if you are promoting your brand, products and services in a country like India, you should not just simply go for a translation of your press kit; you need to localize your press kit. The localization of your press kit ensures and assures the local as well as the Pan Indian market that you are aware of the Indian cultural beliefs and sentiments.

What are the components of a translated Press Kit?

Although there is no such hard rule to as to what to translate in a press kit, but these are components that are usually translated:

  1. An overview of the company.
  2. A one page fact sheet.
  3. Biographies of the key executives.
  4. A Press release that covers the latest announcement.
  5. Past press coverage with links, if possible.
  6. The product or service the list of products and services including photos and descriptions.
  7. Videos to help illustrate your brand story.
  8. Hi-resolution photos/images of the founders and key executives, products, services, logos, etc.
  9. Contact information such as phone numbers and e-mail addresses of the company’s media team.
  10. Clients with their logos and customer testimonials.

If you need a Hindi Telugu translator who can not only translate your press kit but ensures a proper localization of your press kit, get in touch with me. I am not just a translator; I am an experienced press release writer as well.